The Haxxio UDP Serial Port Redirector


Flexible Communications Port Assignment - The Redirector has a pulldown list with COM1 through COM16 (any existing ports found on your system are not listed) provided as predefined ports. But you are not limited to this selection - you can create a serial port with any number, for example, COM214. More than that, you can create a port with any name - It doesnt need to begin with "COM". The use of the prefix "COM" is merely a convention, dating back to the MS-DOS days to an operating system serial port handler that almost no-one used. No-one used it because it was unbuffered and didn't use interrupts, so there were often cases of serial overruns and lost characters.

Flexible UDP Port Assignment - The Redirector allows the use of any UDP port to transmit to, and any free UDP port to receive from. Of course, you are advised to be sensible about your choice of port, to avoid using ports reserved for other purposes and actually in use on your network

Several Addressing Modes - The Redirector is versatile in how it transmits data to other devices on your network. It can always transmit to a single device, or always transmit to the first device it received a packet of data from, or it can "follow" the source of received data by transmitting back to the last device it received a packet from. As if this were not enough choices...

Broadcast Addressing Mode - The Redirector can always send it's packets to the network broadcast address. This enables communications between groups of devices on the same subnet (strictly, the same broadcast domain)

Useful Statistics - The Redirector counts packets and bytes, and also keeps note of average and maximum packet sizes, enabling you to tune the Redirector for the fastest response, or the lowest network or computer load, or however you need it all to work.

Drop In Replacement of older technologies - The Redirector interface is the serial port, the oldest and still most widely used way of connecting a PC into automation, SCADA, BMS and other monitoring and control applications.

User Interface Choices - The Redirector offers choices of how to start, how to minimise, and when to start, allowing easy integration into existing environments, and discouraging playing where required.

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