Haxxio UDP Serial Port Redirector
Wireless RS232
Usage Examples
Wireless RS232 has been available for many years, but the existing systems suffer from a number of drawbacks


  • They are generally expensive

  • The implementation is proprietry to a single manufacturer, so different manufacturers kit does not interwork

  • They often use frequencies used by car alarms and other short range devices. In itself this isnt a big issue, but the fact that these devices have no way of managing the sprectrum leads to these devices interfering with each other

  • No inherent data corruption error detection


In recent years, Wi-Fi network communications have become cheap and highly available. The suffer much less from any of the problems noted above. It is not possible to use low cost Wi-Fi Access Points to extend a network to where the serial devices are, often at a cost of less than $100 US per device.


There isn't anything special about wireless networking from the point of view of the Redirector - it requires an IP network to function, and thus is agnostic as to whether that network is wired or wireless.

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